Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010 1
I have realized as of late, late being only moments ago in my bathroom, that I must hold no validity in other's opinions. Yes, that may sound bold and irrational; however, there is wisdom to be found within. Being that I am a very susceptible to the judgments of my peers and superiors, I often find myself questioning my worth as an artist and as a human. A kind accolade from one to another is gladly received; haplessly, it brings with it an unfortunate gravity to the inclination of others. My newest goal, with the welcome aid of my latest revelation, is to proceed forward with a deaf ear for sentiment; a blind eye to deductive smirks; and a open heart. A heart that will keep my passion alive, thriving and inextinguishable. The only object standing in the way of me and success is doubt. I am my own maker and destroyer (in an earthly or vocational manner). I will choose and begin my career, with the help of no one other than myself; personal trust, love, and self-worth are my only allies. With passion and drive, I do inaugurate my beginning.

Thank you.
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