Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tutorial: Butterfly Shadow Box

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 3

One of my more recent DIY projects involved some butterfly magnets I got from Paper Source in downtown Portland, OR on a trip I took to home.

Things you may need:
- Scissors
- Cork board
- Thin/Long piece of metal
- Shadow Box
- Butterflies (or anything else you want to put inside.)
- Stapler

Here we go step by step:

1. Cut out piece of cork board to fit the frame you are using. (You could easily use anything you want for the back board of the frame, but cork was easy to mount on and gave a nice textured look for the background of the colorful butterflies.)

2. Choose picture frame.

3. Staple metal piece to the cork board. (You try using a straightened paper clip if it is thin enough.)

4. Arrange butterflies on the metal piece. (Try putting the butterflies facing the same direction, then try facing them in opposition, see which you like the most.)

5. Place the mounted butterflies into the frame and make sure that everything is secure.

6. Find a creative spot to place you small, yet explosive patch of color and fun!

There ya go! Let me know what you think of mine, and send me a pic if you make one!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Bloggiest of Them All?

Today, I added a large silver mirror from IKEA to my room above my desk. This large round mirror adds pseudo space to the area. Unfortunately, I share my room, so this adds to the limited space between the two of us.

I also added three shelving units from Target, they are various sizes, so that gives it a fresh look. I used one shelf to house my recent Christmas and Holiday cards, another to put books, a vase and candle on, and the third for two shadow box picture frames. One contains a picture I bought from IKEA, and the smaller one I made, (I lined the back with cork, and mounted fake butterflies to it).

Here is a view of all the additions I just made to my room, hope you like them! The bedding in the pic is also a mix and match from IKEA. The 'E' above the bed is something I made with a little helo from Microsoft Word and my friends at FedEx Kinko's!

See ya 'round!

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