Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration Nation!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Although I am currently working on my new FAVORITE project I have ever done, I have nothing to post of my own. So I figured I would show a few of the images I have included in my HUGE collection of inspirational rooms. I also decided to give each one of them a rating just for fun!

I love the panelling in this room, it gives it a really classy feeling to build up on. The contemporary bubbles hanging from the ceiling add a bit more of color and a splash of modern taste. I give this room an B-!
As you may notice, I LOVE oversized incandescent lightbulbs. They give a slight industrial sensibility to the space and with this clear bulb, it provides ample light to the accent chair. B+

First of all, I LOVE love lOvE floating shelves (I have some in my bedroom) and it is even better that this designer added a painted elk head to the wall, inside an empty frame! B
This space has a very light and clean feeling. I love the IKEA frame that was painted from black to ivory, I actually own that frame and think that this is a viable option for my own decor. They have tied in the ivory frame with a lamp shade and rotary telephone of the same color. B
This room is exactly my style! Yellow is my favorite color and I love using that along with black accents. The wall color is perfect, not too overbearing, with the yellow pillows and black vases on the side tables and coffee table. B++
Another great example of something I would definitely have in my room. This sideboard has been updated with a backsplash of color. This is a great way to take an old piece of furniture and give a new and colorful purpose. Great for an office or bedroom! I give this an A-
JACKPOT! This room is a treasure trove of color. The designer has utilized a the gray walls and complimented them with jewel tones all around the room. Yellow doors in the back, a dark purple lamp shade, various pillows on the couch and vases on the mantle. The real gem is the rug on the floor, it really ties the whole space together. A!


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